Region 10

[May-June, 2019 | San Juan Silver Stage |  By Eva Veitch, Community Living Services Director] Community Living Services, Area Agency on Aging

We’re so glad to see the Silver Stage printing again. We missed it! With its new focus on fifty-plus and living a healthier, happier life, this well-read publication provides some much-needed information to our senior community and to those of us who may not be there yet, but can look forward to those ‘golden years’ being a positive experience when we are.

Publisher, Kathryn Burke, has been involved with numerous ADRC projects with us, including the Caregiver’s Summit and Delta Senior Expo. Having been a caregiver herself, she understands what we need when faced with a physical or mental crisis.

Sometimes, that is an elective medical procedure, like a knee replacement (a lot of us get them these days), or perhaps an emergency situation (accident or illness). Knowing what help is available for recovery (or long-term care) and where and how to find it can be crucial.

Sometimes, it is the isolation so many seniors face, and what programs are out there to help combat loneliness and bring joy back into people’s lives. It might also be a need to find programs that help assure that people live independently as long as possible.

Region 10’s Area Agency on Aging (ADRC) is the trusted unbiased source for information and resources for disabled adults, seniors, their caregivers, and their families. The vision of the ADRC is to create highly visible and trusted places where people of all incomes and ages can find information about the full range of support options in our area.

We are pleased to be able to share some of these options through the San Juan Silver Stage. Watch for our program updates on the Silver Stage social networks.

ADRC services, provided by Region 10 Community Living Services, are available to residents of Delta, Gunnison, Hinsdale, Montrose, Ouray, and San Miguel Counties who are either 60+ years of age or are 18+ years of age with a disability. Call us at 970-249-2436 for more details.