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We carry more ads than usual this month, because it is important to support our local businesses during the holiday season. Holiday shopping will help carry them through the lean months. PLEASE VISIT OUR AD PAGES AND PLEASE PATRONIZE OUR LOCAL BUSINESSES AND SERVICES.

The San Juan Silver Stage is a community lifestyles publication. We have been serving Western Colorado and the Four Corners since 1996. (map) Features and stories written by local authors covering local activities, adventures, finance, healthy lifestyles, arts, entertainment, and events. Thoughtfully written (edited for accuracy)  with plenty of positive, informative, gently provocative content about local issues and topics. No ‘hard’ news—we leave that to your local newspapers. No ‘sad’ news—we leave that to your social media accounts. We’re the ‘good’ news guys.

Regional calendars let you look in one place at one website (ours!) to find out everything that’s happening around the area. No need to hunt everywhere, and wear your fingers out typing and scrolling on your phone. This is THE BEST PLACE to find out what’s happening.. Follow us on Facebook, too for daily updates.

We’re in print and online, reaching an audience with a variety of interests and ways to get their information. We print and distribute more copies than just about anybody else in our region. Our online presentation is website-based, rather than a pdf page turner. Our focus today tends more toward the 50+ crowd, since these are the people that read. Our goals are maintaining vibrant, small town communities, AND  Loving Life & Living Well after 50. The San Juan Silver Stage has been a major part of your Colorado community for a long time, publishing numerous magazines, providing you with both print publications and complete website presentations along with social media outreach.
We may be over 50 but we’re right on the money with how we reach our readers
. Please join us. Come along for a ride on the all-new, historic Silver Stage.