Crusaders for Wildlife, 2nd edition

By Glen Hinshaw

Reviewed By Sara Rinne
Image, courtesy San Juan Publishing.

Over a 34-year career as a game warden, author Glen Hinshaw has had his share of adventures. In the second edition of his book, Crusaders for Wildlife, Hinshaw gives us readers a front row seat to his time working with wildlife in South and Southwestern Colorado.

Hinshaw was based out of Creede, Colorado for most of his career. It was there, while studying bighorn sheep populations, that he began recording interviews with local folks, mostly farmers and ranchers, about their experiences with Colorado wildlife. In this way, Crusaders for Wildlife sets itself apart from any other book about Colorado wildlife out there. These interviews give the reader an account of what Colorado was like stretching back to the late 1800s. The book provides a fascinating glimpse into our state’s past and a time when not only wildlife populations were very different, but so was the picture of daily life itself.

This revised second edition is over 400 pages, with an annotated index and 172 photographs from the late 1800s to the present (many never-before published). Included is an audio CD so the reader can hear the voices of Coloradoans, describing their world and their interactions with wildlife in their own words. It is truly a treasure to read and hear.

In addition to telling the stories of Colorado’s wildlife populations, and their human histories as well, Hinshaw tells numerous tales of his own interactions with wild animals, places, and the people who love them. With meticulous research and attention to detail, Hinshaw is a wealth of information about all the wild creatures who live in our region.

Hinshaw writes with humor and genuine storytelling ability. His book is an absolute joy to read. His love for wildlife shines through above all. As Patricia Trahey, the retired editor of Colorado Outdoors, is quoted as saying on the back cover, “If you love wildlife and wild things, you’ll love this book.”