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Our goal is to help you sell your work as easily as possible and provide an outlet for you to do so. Listings are good for THREE months. You may submit up to four items, including art or literary works. We list your art and send the buyers directly to your own payment portal. We do NOT charge a sales commission and we do not handle shipping or fulfilment.

Please read “How it Works” first.

If you aren’t sure you are ready yet, have questions, or need more information, instead filling out the form, you can contact us here with questions, and I’ll get right back to you. Be sure to include your phone number.

If your’e ready to list and you’ve got art, music, writings or other creative work to sell on our Marketplace, fill out the form and we’ll guide you thru the process and setup how you get paid as soon as we receive it.  Thanks!

To submit work, or inquire about Marketplace, please fill out the form below.

When filling out the form, please page all the way to the end of the last page to submit your work. The form is designed to allow you to submit four works all at the same time. Even if you only have one, you still have to page all the way to the last page to submit the form.

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How it Works

We list your art and send the buyers directly to your own payment portal. You get all the money.

Listing term: 3 months.

Items listed: 4 items. (5th if your work sells quickly, so we have replacement item ready.)

Payment: Sales go directly to your own payment portal. You receive all the money) less any credit card fees deducted by the payment processor).If you don’t have your own payment portal, we’ll help you set one up.

Credit Card Fees: Credit Card issuers, PayPal, or other credit card payment systems charge a little less than 4% of the total sales for an item. We suggest you take that into account, and price your item accordingly, so it ‘gently’ covers the processing fees.

Sales Commission: None. Silver Stage does not charge a sales commission. The money for any item sold goes directly to you.

Shipping: Is your responsibility. The work stays with you and you determine how to deliver or ship it.

Shipping charges: If you know how much it will cost to ship it, then add that to the item price when you fill out your submission form. If you don’t know, or plan to deliver rather than ship, don’t add shipping cost to the price; negotiate shipping costs with your buyer when you contact them about shipping instructions.

Sales tax: This gets technical. Colorado requires that you charge sales tax on shipping, i.e., the total of the item plus shipping is the taxable total, for any item sold or shipped within the state of Colorado. If shipping out of state, that’s a murky area; if you have less than $100,000 in annual sales, you can ship out of state without charging sales tax. If you ship anywhere within the state of Colorado, you should charge sales tax at the base rate of where you are shipping from; if that’s Montrose, then your tax rate is 8.53% (includes 2.9% to the state).

You have options as to how we program your payment portal. We can set the payment button with one option: Click and pay a set price (determined by you, which can include tax and shipping, or not, your choice). We can also set the payment button with multiple payment options, where the buyer chooses which (what) to pay. This could backfire if, for example, your buyer chooses #3, but you ship it within the state and have to include the price on your Sales Tax return. (It’s why we list it last; most buyers automatically select the first option they see.)

If you go with multiple options, Buyer sees a drop-down choice when making payment.

  1. Purchase Price plus shipping plus 8.5% Sales Tax. (You’re covered, and if you deliver rather than ship, you keep the shipping charge or refund to customer-your choice.)
  2. Purchase Price plus Sales Tax, no shipping.  (Best if you are going to delivery locally.)
  3. Purchase Price plus shipping, no Sales Tax. (item shipping outside of Colorado)

Sales Tax Reporting: Is your responsibility. Include Marketplace sales in gross sales when you file your state and local sales tax returns – usually quarterly.

Listing Fee: We do charge to list your item and program the sale proceeds (with specific sales price to include, or not include, shipping and sales tax as described above) so money will go directly to you. For this, we charge $25 per item we list. So, 4 items, listed for 3 months each, totals $100. There are no refunds for items that sell within the listing term, since our cost is based on our placing the item on the website and programming the payment to go directly to you.

Example of Item listed for sale and sold from the Marketplace.
Item price: $100.
Shipping: $8.00 Priority Mail.
Sales Tax: $9.21. (total $108 subject to 8.53% tax)
Buyer Pays: $117.21
Credit Card Fee: $4.98
Gross (reportable proceeds to you: $112.23.
Net proceeds, after you ship and pay Sales Tax: $95.02
Your net after Listing Fee: $70.02
We suggest you list that item for $125. Your net after fees is $96.09. That way your buyer paid your listing fee and you still get about $100 for your item.

Sold items: When an item sells, we can leave it on the Marketplace, mark it “Sold” and remove the payment link. Or, we can remove the item and replace it with a new listing. Please notify us IMMEDIATELY if you sell something through us or elsewhere that is listed on our Marketplace. Otherwise, you may have to issue refunds if you sell the same item twice.

Re-listing same item: We discourage that, because we want to keep the site and your inventory fresh. But we will archive the item for you and be prepared to list it again when appropriate, and by mutual agreement, whatever that time frame is. Meanwhile, you could list four new items.

Items with multiple quantities, like books or music CDs: One listing fee for the item for 3 to 6 months. The Listing fee structure is the same, but the term can be up to 6 months, since you are selling multiple copies of a single item and we only have to program the payment system once. If you run out, though, notify us IMMEDIATELY, so we don’t keep making sales for you when you don’t have stock to fullfill the orders. (As another option, you can list those items through our San Juan Publishing bookstore, where we have the availability to set the quantity on hand as well as structure tax and shipping charges for you).

Artist’s Bio: If you’re selling with us, we’ll give you a little Artist’s Bio writeup, to include a picture, sample work, and links to other selling sites.

Selling on other sites or galleries: We encourage you to do that, but list different pieces on our Marketplace so you have more exposure. We’ll give links to the other sources in your artist’s bio.

Submitting a listing but paying with a check: you can do that. Submit the form, but don’t continue to the PayPal payment (which adds $1 to your listing fee). Instead, submit the form and mail a check to San Juan Publishing, PO Box 945, Montrose CO 81402.

Our goal is to help you sell your work as easily as possible and provide an outlet for you to do so.