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Available as Video Display Advertising is available in 3 sizes (small, medium, large) and varied speeds from 3-sec. “quickie” or 30-60-sec. ad. Also available as Advertorial. All can havedirect links to advertising entity. Video also incorporated in editorial as appropriate and at publisher’s discretion.

Video may appear on our UTube Channel, Facebook, Instagram, or other social media platforms at no extra charge to advertiser and at our discretion as to time placed. Advertiser may request specific time placement when content is time-relevant, such as a special sale, event, activity.

Quickie 3-sec video. Size: small, 1-col wide.

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107 N. 1st Street, Montrose

Open 7 am - 2 pm, Tue.-Sat.

Patio - Curbside - ToGo

970-964-4424 to Order

Lighthouse Eatery

Special Sale 3-sec video. Size: small, 1-col wide.

Standard 30-sec video. Size: small, 1-col wide.

Video Advertising

Video Display Ad size:
Small (1-col. wide)
Medium (2-col. wide)
Large (3-col. or full page)

Video Display Ad length:
3 second Quickie ad
3-second Special Sale Ad.
30 seconds and 60 seconds Feature Ads (See Quotori, all sizes)

Video Display Ad contract term (same ad, number of placements):
1, 2, 3 months. May interchange with still display, same space, during contract term. No NPO discounts for video placement.

Video ad rates:
Standard monthly display (space) rate for contract term (one, two, or three month placement) plus current hourly rate based on production time (videography and editing) and content (graphic design components). Ad cost estimate quoted in advance and Video Advertising payment due following videography and prior to editing, which may incur additional costs. Music, continuous feed loop, optional.

Video Advertorial. One page; single month placement. Includes combination of: (1) story text plus still images and/or video content; (2) all video content, including on-camera interview. Cost based on video content plus standard advertorial text rates. Fifty percent (50%) deposit due prior to filming. Balance due after final ad approved and prior to publication.

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Upstairs at Tiffany Etc.

439 E. Main, Montrose. Open Daily.

Collectables & Gallery

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