December, 2019
Thank You! to the incredible team at the Silver Stage.

By Kathryn R. Burke, Publisher

[December 2019 | San Juan Silver Stage | By Kathryn R. Burke, Publisher]

2019 has been a very special year. March 20, almost two years after my husband died, I made the decision to start printing the Silver Stage again. It was—and is—a labor of love, but would not have been possible without the support and help of my old crew, who jumped in to get us going. The oh-so-welcome resurgence of long-term advertisers provided the start-up capital and is what keeps this ride on the road. Our loyal readership, who supports those advertisers, expressed their gratitude and pleasure over seeing the Silver Stage on the streets again.

“We love your paper!” people tell me. “Your articles are so interesting and informative. The pictures are wonderful. You write about things we enjoy reading and learning more about. We get so tired of reading about politics and bad news. This is just so refreshing and welcome. Thank you for bringing it back!”

We grew so fast—much faster than the first time, over 25 years ago. But it wasn’t as easy this time as it was then. Most of us are over 50 now, so we hit the streets walking rather than running. Once we were re-established, some retired again. Some stuck. New people jumped on board. Collectively, this crew—the old crew and the new—keeps us on the trail with their support, diligence, patience, and perseverance.

Laurie Casselberry, Durango, outstanding publication designer and production manager. You’re the best! Alice Billings, Ridgway, writer and circulation help—my buddy on the Silverton runs. Jane Schucard, San Diego, content editor. Like Alice, Jane has been along for the ride since day one. She also gives me California office space when I need it. Carol McDermott, Montrose, who jumped back in temporarily as Art Editor when we started up again, picking up where she’d left off 10 years before.

Barb Torke, Cedaredge, writer and regional editor, who came out of retirement to help us get our act together again in Cedaredge and Delta. And thank you, too, to Connie Williams of the Appleshed, another firm believer in the Silver Stage. Carolyn Wilcox, Silverton, photographer and bestie who gathers up ad leads and shares editorial ideas.

Jim Elder, writer, and writer and purveyor of humorous, yet sound, financial advice. Dennis Reece, my former banker and good friend who encouraged the re-start. Bryce Chismire, webmaster, who keeps our website and social media up to date. John Clark, who cobbled together a computer system out of old parts and new aspirations. Jim Batchelder, Hawaii, who keeps the web wheels rolling.

Ashley King-Grambley and Ninah Hunter, creative writers and suppliers of a multitude of great editorial ideas. And all the contributors whose writing skills keep readers coming back, including Deb Barr, Mavis Bennett, Marilynn Huesby, Dr Renée Rumrill, Erin Stadelman, and Eva Veitch.

As we geared up to bigger and better, we got some top-notch new help. Carol Bucy, good friend and copy editor without par, who literally wore herself out editing for the Stage. Modene Gaulke, who had my back through the re-start aches and pains. Jason at ByteBack, the technical guru who’s building our new communication system; all the great gals at the Art Center, where we have our second office. Kevin Decker, driver and the best delivery man anyone ever had!

Thank you all. You are one hell of a team. Merry Christmas and God Bless!

Kate Burke