October, 2019
Hemp, Hopps, Wine—Harvest Has a New Look

By Kathryn R. Burke, Publisher

Kathryn R Burke, publisher San Juan Silver Stage

Kathryn R Burke, publisher

[October 2019 | San Juan Silver Stage | By Kathryn R. Burke, Publisher]

Here, in Western Colorado, “harvest” has a new look. We’re used to seeing corn, and fields of hay bales, but local farmers are also growing crops that make passersby, ask, “What is that?”

“That” could be the basis for some favorite recreational mood-enhancers: beer (from hops) or pot (from marijuana-grade hemp). Or, it could be hemp grown for a wide variety of consumables, wearables, and construction material.

Hops and hemp aren’t the only crops seeing a resurgence. Organically-grown food, using practices your grandpa once used, are back in vogue again. Organic growers are experimenting with heirloom seeds and growing practices that produced fields of healthy produce a century ago. We’re learning from the past, yet employing modern technology to implement old practices.

Then, there is wine. With the holidays ahead, we are definitely coming into wine time, so this is the perfect issue to investigate what’s on the vine these days. That led us to Cedaredge, Paonia and the North Fork Valley, where, wine and art have had a long, strong presence. That ties to events and entertainment—our main focus every issue.

Come along for the ride; let’s have fun!