May, 2019
Welcome to Our Community

By Kathryn R. Burke, Publisher

[May 2019 | San Juan Silver Stage |By Kathryn R. Burke, Publisher]

Time Bank Volunteer

Time Bank volunteer. At the Silver Stage, we believe in community. Working together, helping our neighbors, and lending a hand when and where needed help to build and maintain a thriving business community.

Volunteering, donating, and sharing experiences with those in need or less fortunate let us help others with our gifts of time and money.

Exchanging what we can do (and offer to others) is the basis for the Time Bank of the Rockies—another way of helping one another where members exchange services.

Giving back to the community is what keeps it vibrant. There are many opportunities where you can do that. It can be through volunteering, giving your time to community projects, donating services, and, of course, donating money. Every little bit helps. Service clubs need members. Charitable organizations can never have enough volunteers.

There are more than 250 nonprofits serving the needs of our community. You can find them listed on websites for Montrose Community Foundation and the Colorado Secretary of State under registered charitable organizations. Look them up. See where you fit. We all have ways we can contribute. And those ways may change as our circumstances change.

Kathryn R. Burke speaking at ADRC Caregiver’s Summit.

While caring for my husband, for example, I volunteered with Region 10’s ADRC and was twice a guest speaker for their annual Caregiver Summit, sharing what I had learned from my own experiences to help others facing similar circustances. As a member of the media, and a web designer, I help with publicity and designed and maintain the websites for both the Woman’s Club of Ouray County and the Montrose Woman’s Club (MWC), where I also serve as MWC president—a major time commitment. I sell ads for this publication, which means I’m comfortable with ‘public presentations’, so I volunteer as a guest speaker for the Lunch and Learn program at the Senior center.

See what I mean? Consider what you do and know, then find a way to use your time and talents to benefit others in your community.

Sara Rinne, Maggie’s Books, speaking to the Montrose Woman’s Club.

Part of this ‘Community’ mindset is based on where we live. The West has always been known for its hospitality. There was a time when life depended on what your neighbors could share—food, transportation, building a barn or a home. Life was tough and the people were, too, helping each other in the field or the home; working harvests and branding cattle; caring for children and the elderly; cooking large meals for family, friends, and farm hands; and even being the ‘doctor’ when the nearest one was a day away on horseback.

Today, that western helping and hospitality spirit still survives, even in our technologically-challenged lives. Maybe even, in spite of it. Many of us who are over 50 remember ‘what was’ as we struggle to accept ‘what is’. So, as we always have, we rely on our community to offer a helping hand.

The next time you meet someone, instead of, “Hi, how are you?”— How about, “Hi, how can I help?”

Photo credits: Sara Rinne speaking, K. Burke; Time Bank Volunteer, courtesy photo; Kathryn Burke speaking, Bryce Chismire.


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