Meditating With a Horse

[May 2019 | San Juan Silver Stage | By Alice Billings]

Meditating with a horse? What a novel idea. Yes, there are many Horse Meditating Circles around the country…well maybe not many, but some. Those of us who are spiritually inclined and have horses….well just the fact of having a horse is a spiritual experience. It’s a wonderful thing to do with a pasture of horses….or even 1…So now we have a Horse Meditation circle here in Ridgway….but you can come from miles around and join us every Sunday at 10:30 at Thunder Heart Haven – an equine sanctuary.

So what do you do in this equine meditation. We sit in a circle with space between the chairs so the horses can wander in and out. Music is playing. I like Native American sounds. I find that the mustangs love the flute….but so do the appaloosas…Coincidence? I think not. Did you know that the Nez Pierce Indians rode appaloosas….and of course, the mustangs – the iconic image of freedom in the West. I have a couple of mustangs hanging around the pasture, along with appaloosas, a paint, a quarter horse and a feisty Welch pony.

You don’t need any horse experience or meditation experience. We welcome everyone to be in the circle. Our numbers are growing. Join us.

The circle will be unbroken.

Alice Billings is the owner of Thunder Heart Haven Horse Sanctuary and Equine Learning Center in Ridgway.