Loving Life & Living Well After 50+

By Kathryn R. Burke and Debra Lueck

[October 2019 | San Juan Silver Stage]

That’s our goal: Loving Life & Living Well after 50+. We’re here to help you do just that! At the Silver Stage, we are dedicated to helping you discover lifestyle options and embrace opportunities. No matter what your situation, there’s so much you can do . . . if you just get up, get going, and get out there and DO it.

Maybe you’re facing lifestyle changes—health, location, living arrangements, retirement, personal loss—we can help you find the support you need. If you’re just stuck, in a rut and can’t find the way out, we’ll give you a hand. If you suddenly find yourself with too much empty time, oh my do we have suggestions on how to fill it.

Check out our calendar on pages B-14 & 15. Read the stories and peruse the ads throughout this issue. Take a lesson from the “Do-ers” we’ve been writing about and determine to try something new: bale hay, plant grapes, sail around the world. Or maybe on a smaller scale, learn to dance, take up painting, play pickleball. If you’ve got something interesting going on you would like to share with others, tell us about it, and we’ll help you share it. If you’d like to teach a class, contact the venues. They love new instructors. The important thing is, no matter where you are in your life, take time to enjoy it. Consider it an educational experience, an excursion into your future that will challenge your mind and body. We’re happy to lead the way and travel along with you.

Get up and move!

Keep fit and have fun line dancing. Stock photo

No matter where you are on the Western Slope there are places designed to keep us active and involved by challenging our minds and bodies. Need to smooth out the kinks? Relax sore muscles and re-train some others? Yoga, Pilates, Zumba, Jazz, Country, or Line Dancing will get you moving. Community and senior centers have regular dances and dance lessons to help you warm up. Head for the gym, go to the local rec. center join a walking or hiking group. (See story, “What’s on Your Feet?” for ways to keep those feet moving.)

Take a Tour

Senior group tours Little Flower Hemp Company Farm. ©Kathryn R. Burke

There are so many interesting places to see and learn about in our area. A fun way to discover them is by taking a tour. Montrose Recreation Center and Bill Heddles Recreation Center both offer a variety of tours and activities. You can go on hikes, catch a concert or musical, tour wineries, or even go gambling! The cost is minimal and you don’t have to do the driving. It a great way to meet new people and make new friends, too.

Make some art

Artists find painting space at Qutori Winery in Paonia. Courtesy photo.

Make some art! Novice to advanced, you’ll find opportuities to make art all around the area that will bring out your hidden talents, or enhance the ones you already have. Some of them, like evening classes at Amazing Glaze in Montrose, the ArtBar at the Sherbino in Ridgway, or creative sessions at Qutori Winery also offer adult beverages while you are creating your masterpiece. Others might be workshops for the serious artists with multiple sessions. One of our favorites, that takes place at the MCA where our office is, happens on Monday mornings, when artists of every caliber get together for coffee and conversation while they make art. Nice way to start the week. Wherever your talent or interests lie, invest a little time in artistic endeavors. It’s good for the soul.

Have you tried Pickleball?

Pickelball is fun for all ages, but seniors have really picked up on it. Stock photo.

It’s a big deal. Pickleball teams (of two to four players) travel around the region, usually in groups, competing in formal, and not-so-formal, tournaments. Anybody of any age can play, but the sport seems particularly attractive to the older guys. (Maybe because they all get to go for a beer afterward?)

The game even has its own website, usapa.org, which explains how the sport got its name (some say, it was named after Pickles, the dog of one of the originators. Pickles that ran off with a ball during a family encounter.)

Whatever the reason for the name, it’s great fun, and really popular with the 50+ crowd. Pickleball, is good exercise, but not heart-attack strenuous. Played with paddleball, it combines pickleball is a paddleball sport that combines elements of tennis, badminton, and table tennis.

Resource Guide

Classes are offered in local art centers and through regional creative districts, as well as at a few private locations. Check class schedules at Blue Sage, Paonia; GMAEC, Cedaredge; MCA or Amazing Glaze, Montrose; Sherbino, Ridgway; and Weehawken, various locations.

For active pursuits, check the Montrose Rec Center Bulletin, activity lists at Delta Rec Center, Ouray Hot Springs and Fitness Center, and In Motion Therapy (which also offers gym membership.)