Bonnie Raitt, Ridgway, and Real Estate. What’s the Connection?

By Ninah Hunter, Real Estate Editor

[December 2019 | San Juan Silver Stage | by Ninah Hunter, Real Estate Editor]

Ninah Hunter Real Estate broker

I think I own almost every Bonnie Raitt album she has ever produced. I bought my first one back in 1974 when I was a student at UC Santa Barbara, the old black licorice LP type. I listened to her on LPs, then CDs, iPods, and now on Spotify or some other streaming music service. Yes, times (technologies) have changed—but Bonnie’s voice is still just as wonderful to me as it was the first time I heard it.

So, what does Bonnie Raitt have to do with real estate? Nothing, really, other than maybe a reminder that in this wonderful and crazy real estate industry in which I work, one needs synergy between work and play. Music is partly how I gain that synergy. The other way is just living in my beautiful little town of Ridgway, Colorado, in Ouray County at the foot of the spectacular San Juan Mountains.

These mountains are my backyard and playground. My busy, and sometimes stressful, days at work are balanced by all kinds of outdoor play—like hiking the Ouray trails, downhill skiing in Telluride, mountain biking on the new, extensive RAT trails, kayaking at Ridgway State Park Reservoir, or cross-country skiing at the amazingly beautiful Top of the Pines.

When I’m not outdoors, I get to enjoy the diversity and creativity of Ridgway’s residents. We have musicians, artists and craftsmen, weavers, poets, writers, sculptors, dancers, yogis, historians, lecturers, fitness trainers, massage therapists, naturopaths, and cowboys. For entertainment, we have rodeos, ballet, live theater, free summer concerts in the park, a brewery, and even three marijuana dispensaries. Hey, whatever you need for balance in your life, we got it!

Real estate is actually what allowed me to get to this place in my life. I started investing in San Diego, California, where I lived for most of my life until I decided to take a leap of faith and move to Colorado. My partner and I sold our home, a rental house, and my law practice and moved to Ridgway in 2003. We bought a four-acre residential lot and a townhome that we rented out. We built our dream home on the lot. I got my real estate license. I bought and sold several spec and rental homes. I later bought a franchised real estate office.

Then, the recession hit like a ton of bricks. I eventually closed my real estate office. We sold our dream house (and unloaded the big mortgage) and moved into our townhome in Ridgway. We survived, simplified, and now really love being “Townies.”

Through it all, I have kept synergy in my life, working hard and playing harder in beautiful Southwestern Colorado. If you find yourself looking for synergy or real estate this holiday season, come see me. I’ll even play you some Bonnie Raitt!

Ninah Hunter is a Realtor® in Ridgway, Colorado. Visit her website.