Growth, Community, and Sustainability

[May 2019 | San Juan Silver Stage ]

The goal of San Juan Publishing is—and always has been—to foster community and sustainability. That’s been our mission since we incorporated in 1993, and it is even more important today. In our fast-paced society, all too often we tend to embrace anonymous technology, resulting in a loss of personal relationships. When you text, you don’t really engage. When you meet face-to-face, you do.

We need more ‘face time’. And, that’s what the San Juan Silver Stage is all about: encouraging you to get out there and learn more about where we live. Meet your neighbors. Find out what each region has to offer. For our communities to grow and prosper, we must know and support one another and work together. This means sharing—and carefully conserving—resources, so that we can sustain that growth. Sustaining it makes the region more attractive for newcomers, while keeping it comfortable for those of us who already live here.

To prosper, we need to sustain what we already have, while encouraging folks from other communites to join us and share our vision. This means maintaining a competitive spirit in our business endeavors, but one that enhances what’s already here, rather than trying to overwhelm. Greed is not welcome. Collaboration is. As a community—and by that, we mean the Western Colorado community, not just one town in it—we sustain the whole and the parts within it by collaborating. Each of us can find and promote our own personal niche, whether it be in business or personal endeavors, such as volunteering or enjoying regional recreational activities. At the same time, we find and foster our common goals—a sustainable future for all of us.