– – – – – – – – – – – –  Coping with CoVid-19 in SW COLORADO

How our communities are coping and staying positive.
This is NOT a disaster; it is an unprecedented opportunity to work together to help each other during a difficult time. If you can help us share positive news, please click here.  

Meanwhile, stop scaring yourself and obsessing over the news. Cut your news watching back to a maximum of one hour per day, and force yourself to look at a minimum of 10 resources representing 10 different viewpoints. Cross check and fact check what you find, so you can form an opinion based on science and fact, not politics. Then turn it off!

Follow protocol, sit tight, stay well, so we can all celebrate when this is over. At the Silver Stage, as we all work from home, we are trying to help you stay happy, healthy, productive, and POSITIVE!

Kate Burke, Publisher
San Juan Publishing Group, Inc.