Christmas Dinner Delivered to your Door

By Linda White

Courtesy of Lexy and Norm Stevenson.

[December 2019 | San Juan Silver Stage]

SEVENTEEN YEARS INTO THE 2002 DREAM of Boots and Linda Carpenter, a community Christmas dinner will be served to folks in Montrose and its surrounding areas. Norm and Lexy Stevenson picked up the challenge in 2003 when they met Boots and Linda, rolled up their sleeves, and took on coordination and operation of the Christmas meals. Lexy has volunteered at every level, including board of directors’ participation and, ultimately, Norm and Lexy took over completely from the Carpenters in 2009. It’s been a huge success. “In 2018, volunteers cooked and delivered 280 meals to 159 destinations,” Lexy said.

The challenge, as always, is volunteers. The same loyal community members will be delivering flyers to group homes, churches, and the general public announcing the annual event, cooking turkeys, and assembling the meals. ‘We really need delivery drivers this year,” Lexy said. And while a festooned sled would be ideal, parking reindeer on some of the local streets could be a little dicey, so providing your own standard transportation is required. Drivers arrive at Friendship Hall (Montrose Fairgrounds) on Christmas Day at 10:30 a.m. They are given recipients’ names and addresses, maps,  and the hot meals to deliver.

Courtesy of Lexy and Norm Stevenson.

Are you in? The process begins with sign-up the first week after Thanksgiving by contacting Lexy or Norm. The meals are prepared and packaged Christmas Eve for distribution to drivers by 10:30 Christmas morning. In addition to knocking on the doors to deliver the food and holiday greetings, sometimes the volunteer may be asked to step inside to visit for a bit. Without doubt, a poignancy surrounds the event, but the moments known when a recipient wishes to contribute are a gift back to the dream. If volunteering to help cook, distribute flyers, or deliver meals isn’t feasible, donations are always appreciated. The Stevensons buy a lot of turkey for the holiday meals!

To be a part of the original dream is to know a satisfaction that never lets go. It’s so easy to be in involved and so humbling to know the next volunteer meal could be delivered at your neighbor’s door, or your own. A daunting reality looms for many, but the hope and work of a few is the other reality, the promise of the human, generous spirit.

To volunteer as a driver to deliver the meals on Christmas morning, please call the first week after Thanksgiving, to either Lexy Stevenson at 970-275-3336 or Norm Stevenson at 970-275-3300. To make donations before December 25, or any time during the year, please mail contributions to: Montrose Community Foundation, P. O. Box 3020, Montrose CO 81402, Attention: Montrose Christmas Meals.

Photos courtesy of Lexy and Norm Stevenson.