How Winston Delivered Christmas

By Alex T. Smith

Reviewed by Sara Rinne

[December 2019 | San Juan Silver Stage]

How Winston Delivered Christmas is a delightful story about a little mouse, Winston, who discovers a letter to Santa on Christmas Eve that wasn’t delivered. What follows are 24 (and one-half) chapters about Winston’s mission to find Santa, and his many adventures along the way as he endeavors to deliver the missing letter in time for Christmas.

At the heart of How Winston Delivered Christmas is sweet message about being helpful and doing good deeds. But what I really love about this book is how it is divided into 24 (and one half) chapters.

This book is an advent calendar, where one short chapter can be read each day of Advent leading up to Christmas Day.

Each chapter has Winston meeting a new friend, or having a new exciting adventure, so they are fun to read on their own. Plus, and this is the best part, each chapter comes with an activity that is perfect for families to do together. Some of the activities are more involved, like recipes for stained-glass window cookies, while others are simpler, like writing a letter to Santa, or making wrapping paper and gift tags.

Vibrant and whimsical illustrations, combined with the larger-size hardcover format, ensure that this book will last through many family Christmases. I am so excited to read this sweet book with my own children, and to incorporate Winston’s story and the fun activities into our own family’s holiday traditions.

How Winston Delivered Christmas is available at Maggie’s Books, 345 E. Main Street, in Montrose. Happy Holidays!