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Let’s Take a Ride Behind the Big Red Horses
Celebrate the season with a ride in a horse-driven carriage, wagon, or sleigh—complete with jingling bells and glowing holiday lights. Y Bar Hitch and the Suffox Punch Horses. [story]

First Americans—Art & Artifacts Tell Their Story
November is Native American History Month, Indigenous people inhabited North America 30,000 years before Europeans arrived.  [Story]

Legendary Films Made in Colorado
Hundreds of movies have been made here, the majority of them westerns, since the undisputed star of the show is our mind-boggling scenery. [Story]

Art Partners Offers Guidance and Self Esteem
The Art Partner program, which serves Delta, Montrose & Ouray Counties, has connected budding artists with photographers, poets, actors/theaters, and musicians, fine artists, craftsmen, and even a blacksmith. [Story]

Land & Legacy
Estate and Long-term Care planning are especially important for farmers and ranchers because the business is most likely the livelihood of their families and future generations. [Story]

My How Things Have Changed – Memories of a Colorado Wildlife Officer
Since I was 13 years old, I knew I wanted to be a Colorado Wildlife Officer in a mountain district.I spent 33 years working with these fine people, and enjoyed every minute of it! I lived my dream in the mountains of Southwest Colorado. [Story]

Arts & Entertainment


Artist, Dan Deuter, Preserving the Old West
Deuter is an artist of international acclaim who preserves the American “Old West” through his art. He is especially well-known for his paintings of the American Buffalo. [Story]

Artist, Virginia Blackstock, A Creative Life
Talented? Indubitably. Creatively gifted? AbsolutelyAnd both are barely adequate expressions to describe a woman who has made creative endeavor a lifetime achievement. She has excelled in all manner of visual and movement arts. [Story]

Magic Circle Turns 60
Magic Circle Players is among the oldest community theatres in Colorado. we credit our longevity and success to our volunteers. Each season, we make an effort to produce varied offerings. [Story]

Weehawken’s Nutcracker Ballet
2019 marks the ninth year of the Weehawken Dance’s Nutcracker productions at the Montrose Pavilion, [Story]

Magic Circle Players 2019-2020 New Plays
Tucker Falls, Sunshine Boys, Farce of Nature, Fiddler on the Roof. [Story]



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Loving Life & Living Well After 50+[10/19]


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[11-2019] Let’s Take a Ride Behind the Big Red Horses.

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[11-2019] Art and Artifacts Tell The Story of the First Americans.

[11-2019] November is Native American History Month

[11-2019]  Dan Deuter, Preserving the Old West.

[11-2019] Legendary Films Made in Colorado


Book Review

Written By Sara Rinne.
The Ute Indians of Southwest Colorado. Helen Sloan Daniels