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50+ Pay it Forward

[July 2019 | San Juan Silver Stage]
Written by Marilynn Huseby.

WHAT CAN A BUNCH OF VOLUNTEERS ACCOMPLISH? Here, our ‘Over 50’ volunteers are the life blood of Montrose from the Library, Christ’s Kitchen, Shepherd’s Hand, Sharing Ministries, Heirlooms for Hospice, and service organizations like Altrusa and The Montrose Woman’s Club, as well as the more than 100 people helping at the Montrose Memorial Hospital. There is a lot of citizen involvement to be proud of in making Montrose an attractive place to live and choose to retire.

With 22 percent of our population being over 62, the need for an active, dedicated senior center has become more apparent for the ongoing health of our community. The Golden Circle Seniors volunteers have given their community efforts to this cause since 1973, and in 1989, they raised enough money and procured land donations to become part of the Pavilion as the Montrose Pavilion Community Senior Center.

The Golden Circle volunteers have a new challenge. Their efforts now are to recreate the center into an active focal point where people of all ages from the community can come and discover educational approaches to health and exercise, along with informative classes on history and local affairs, to enjoy fun dance bands and learn line dancing. The Golden Circle hopes to attract more Boomers. They are so active that they have a hard time relating to the word ‘Senior’.

The Golden Circle volunteers come from every walk of life and are actively creating this blooming community senior center. Their efforts are more visible since creating a ‘Pay It Forward’ fund to support the senior meal program, which allows the senior center to remain self-sufficient and not depend on government funding. Here, at our Senior Center, lunches at noon are a pivotal part of many people’s day. For lots of single folks, it is their main four-course meal. The friendly connection here is incredibly important for volunteers and participants alike, as it gives everyone a sense of belonging. Like in the sitcom, “Cheers” where everyone knows your name.

Golden Circle started fundraising with a Variety Show last October and the Magical Musical Mystery Dance in May, and the next big ‘Alive And Still Kickin’ Variety Show is Saturday, September 14, 11 am. to 2:30 pm. Lots of musical artists and some really entertaining surprise acts are planned. Golden Circle volunteers will give of their time and talents to keep their Senior Center a vibrant place to enjoy. The ‘Pay It Forward’ fund now can honor our lunch volunteers with a lunch and even more friendship. The event will provide great homemade BBQ with all the fixin’s and a dessert at 11 am. The show starts at noon. Come join us and help support our community ‘Pay It Forward’ lunch program.

Golden Circle Seniors, Inc., Montrose, CO