Cheri Isgreen, Solo Show
Montrose Center for the Arts

Cheri Isgreen holding mixed media sculpture, SeaHorse. Image ©K.Burke

By Kathryn R. Burke, written for the Montrose Mirror, December 29, 2021.

Cheri Isgreen. Have you been following her work? A lot of us have and we’re in a constant state of wonder. Her work is phenomenal, ever-evolving. There are no limits to Cheri’s creativity.

Take horses—it’s a common theme for Cheri. Which is not surprising, since she’s loved these animals since she was a child. Her fascination with how horses move, the way their bodies work and communicate through motion, has never been more apparent than in her current work: mixed media paintings and sculptures that incorporate a variety of mediums and found objects.

SeaHorse sculpture features pearls, bejeweled flipflops and sculpted shell for her tail. By Cheri Isgreen. Courtesy Photo

SeaHorse, the sculpture Cheri is holding (detail pictured above), is a mixed media piece  fashioned from ceramic, forsythia (wood) for the legs, pearls, shells, coral, bejeweled flipflops, and a leather thong. The finish is hand-rubbed, mineral pigments. “I enjoy designing and assembling each element that will reveal the horse’s personality and gender,” Cheri says. “SeaHorse has a sculpted shell for her tail.”

Moment of Suspension, mixed media sculpture by Cheri Isgreen. Courtesy photo.

Mixed media paintings of equines in motion also dominate her current work. Moment of Suspension combines watercolor, guache, and mineral pigments. This horse fairly leaps from the painting. The color and gesture radiate joy. You can feel it as well as see it. This is a happy horse, jumping for joy, and watching her—yes, you are watching, not just looking; this is not a “flat” depiction, but a very three-dimensional experience—you are jumping for joy along with her. “In the moment of suspension, the horse is released from gravity and appears to fly,” Cheri explains. Watching Cheri’s joyful horse, it feels like we can fly, too!

Aspen Sonata, mixed media painting by Cheri Isgreen. Courtesy photo.

Not all of Cheri’s work is of horses. Sometimes it’s human. Sometimes it’s landscape. But whatever her subject, the treatment almost always conveys motion. It could be static flow, like in an abstract or representational painting such as Aspen Sonata. The underpainting is oil, then layered with acrylic, gelato, ink, interference (Iridescent) pigments, and collage from sheet music dated December 1925.

Position Four. Mixed media sculpture by Cheri Isgreen. Courtesy photo.

Motion can also be fluid, as in Cheri’s new sculpture, Position Four. Look at this ballerina!  Her hands, her feet, the tilt of the spoon that forms her head, the little tutu. Doesn’t that just reinforce the concept that there are no limits to Cheri’s creativity? The ballerina is constructed of ceramic, wire, silver, and silk. The base is fir (wood) with acrylic, metallic and interference pigments. “Horses aren’t the only dancers,” she says. “I wanted to explore the dynamic nature of the human form. I am a great admirer of all forms of dance.”

Both a commissioned artist and a galley artist, Cheri Isgreen shows her work throughout southwest Colorado. Among her favorite venues are Redstone Gallery, Gunnison Art Center, and the 610 in Ridgway. And in Montrose at the Montrose Center for the Arts, where her Solo Show runs the month of December.

See more of Cheri’s work on her website,


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