Community Living Services – December 2020

Covid has changed the lives of our seniors. Many are isolated, some are sick, others are caring for grandchildren so their parents can work. Learn how you can help.

High Cost of Social Isolation for the Elderly


By Eva Veitch, Region 10 Community Living Services Program Director. Human beings are social creatures; our human connections help us survive and thrive. COVID-19 and the social distancing that has been put in place to protect us have had a huge unintended consequence, hitting the elderly especially hard. Learn how you can help.

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Connection Matters

By Sandy Walker, Lead LTC Ombudsman – Region 10.  Connection Matters now more than ever. The months of restrictions on visitation in long-term care and the inability of residents, families and friends to be together during the pandemic has emphasized the importance of connection, of relationships, and the impact they have on our well-being.  [Read story]

Home for the Holidays

By Eva Veitch, Region 10 Community Living Services.  It has been a very difficult year, Although our older generation has experienced some of these things in the past; none of us has experienced the cumulative magnitude of these things until 2020, let us hope we never do again. How can we salvage the holidays? Let’s start by declaring December 2020 Random Acts of Kindness Month! [Read how.]