November is Native American History Month

Native American History – Art & Artifacts Tell the Story

By Kathryn R. Burke. Since we don’t have a time machine — yet—we can’t physically go back in time and see history in the making. But, we can still observe it, because those who made history left behind a wealth of art and artifacts that tell their stories. [More]

Ute Museum – Gregg Deal Exhibit

The Ute Indian Museum is happy to announce the opening of a new art exhibit featuring the work of Gregg Deal (Pyramid Lake Paiute Tribe) who is a contemporary artist and activist whose work deals with indigenous identity through a pop culture lens.  [Read more]

Ute Indians

Copyright Ute Museum, all rights reserved.

By Steven G. Baker. Eons before the Gold Rush of  the 1870s, Colorado’s western slope was home to the Ute Indians. The valley of the Uncompahgre River was the traditional homeland of the Uncompahgre Band. [Read story]

Thanksgiving – Then and Now

Partners – Mentoring Youth

Thanksgiving—a Long & Varied History

“The First Thanksgiving at Plymouth” (1914) By Jennie A. Brownscombe

As traditions go, this one has more than one story about how, where, and when it got started. Wherever it began, the first celebration was likely a century before the Mayflower dropped anchor off the east coast and probably took place in Florida or Texas! It is also interesting to note that during times of conflict—and our society has been continually marred by them—people continue to celebrate our one and only true American holiday: Thanksgiving Day. [Story]

Thanksgiving—Creative Celebrations

Thanksgiving 2021 looked a little different this year. Covid was still with us, and many of feared to travel of gather, even in small groups. Public or community meals were mostly restricted, or relegated to take-out meals cooked, and often delivered, by volunteers. Thanksgiving is supposed to be a joyous time, celebrating abundance. This year…well, we just had to get creative when it came to celebrating this, the only true American holiday., . [Story]

Partners Builds Relationships

Courtesy photo.

What is a partner? Who is a partner? How does the Partner Program work? We hear the term bandied about as a general term, but to be part of the Partners Youth Mentoring Program, which serves Montrose, Ouray, and Delta Counties—the term has a specific connotation. [Story]

November – Three Artist Profiles

Julia Reid

Always be on the lookout for the presence of wonder

Winter’s Edge. Oil and cold was by Julia Reid.

“Art is so subjective. The viewer has his or her own filters as to what they see and what it means uniquely to them. That’s why art is an important part of our world. It shows us directions we might not otherwise have gone to without help of artists and their artistic interpretations of the world we see.” [Story]

Jenny McIntyre

She paints motion with ribbons of color

Her art creates a welcome release of anxiety—something we all suffer from right now with so many changes in today’s world. Jenny’s paintings are timeless. And show us that beauty endures regardless of temporary upheavals and setbacks. Whatever seems wrong in your world today is insignificant in comparison to what built these canyons and how they have endured over the ages. [Story]

Cristin Johnson

Discovering a Clear Seeing Place in a Natural World

SuperMoon, Mountains and Mandalas. Mixed media by Cristin Johnson

Standing back, looking at these paintings, I feel drawn into a place of peace, cloaked in serenity…safe. In a world that has been traumatized by a plethora of fright and fear, Cristin’s paintings provide respite. It’s a heady experience, and I want to stay there. It’s hard to move away. How does she do this? Create a safe haven on canvas? [Story]