Thanksgiving 2020

Tomás Giménez Rioja, Tribality. November 3, 2020

Well, it will certainly look different this year, no matter what your views on restrictions regarding public and family gatherings. Because of Covid, most community meals and programs are cancelled. Many families fear the virus and won’t be doing a traditional Turkey Day—or if they do, it will be limited to close family members. Those who live alone may have to spend the day by themselves and, like residents in nursing homes and assisted living facilities, they are also at high risk of loneliness. Regardless of where we are, we will all suffer from enforced loss of tradition. Thanksgiving is supposed to be a joyous time, celebrating abundance. This year…not so much.

This holiday is a time we look forward to all year, when families gather and share a congenial communal meal while catching up on their news. But, Covid constraints don’t mean you can’t celebrate. It just means you need to fine tune your creativity. Click here for some suggestions and great says to gather regardless of how close that will be.

Holiday Shopping Starts Now

November is Holiday Shopping month. Before covid, the first weekend of November saw the start of holiday arts and crafts shows every weekend (and some during the week) right up until Christmas. [Related story.] The day after Thanksgiving is  “Black Friday,” when many stores and retail businesses offer special pricing and deals.

Before Amazon put a new name on the shopping game, everyone got their shopping done early enough to mail packages before Thanksgiving Day, so recipients would be assured of getting them on time.

This year promises to be a “hybrid” shopping season—sort of like education, a combination of in-person and virtual ways to spend your money. And, in view of Covid, perhaps spend a lot less because your budget is much smaller this year.

Holiday Shopping Starts Now

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Thanksgiving Timeline

“The First Thanksgiving at Plymouth” (1914) By Jennie A. Brownscombe. Public Domain.

As traditions go, this one has more than one story about how, where, and when it got started. Wherever it began, the first celebration was likely a century before the Mayflower dropped anchor off the east coast.

1541. Texas. Spanish conquistadors.

1565. Florida. Spanish settlers in St. Augustine.

1621. Massachusetts. Wampanoag warriors joined settlers.

1777. George Washington called for national day of thanks.

1863. President Abraham Lincoln declared 4th Thursday in November annual Thanksgiving Day.

1876. First Thanksgiving football game.

1918. Spanish Flu shut down most celebrations.

1924. First Macys Christmas Parade.

1939, President Franklin Delano Roosevelt moved the date back a week.

1941. Congress moved Thanksgiving back to 4th Thursday.

1943. Norman Rockwell painting.

1989. First White House “pardoning” a turkey.

2008. Great Recession.

2020. Covid Celebrating today looks a lot different.

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Turkey Trivia

How’s your turkey trivia? Got any more weird stuff to share with us? Click on the bird for answers.

Are turkeys native to America?

What are the three peculiar parts of the turkey?

Is the turkey named after the country Turkey?

Who thought the turkey would be a better national symbol than the bald eagle?

Can you eat turkey on the moon?

How big does a turkey get?