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A Day of Thanksgiving

[SW Colorado | November 2020 | By Mike Simpson]

Thanksgiving this year promises to be a little different than most years. I imagine that regardless of how you feel about the Covid virus, or the pandemic as it’s also known, it will impact your holiday…one way or another.

Depending on where you live, in what part of the country, the impact could be greater than other places. Some places have pretty severe restrictions in place and those restrictions are coming to other places as well, maybe even in a neighborhood like yours. Chances are, for most of us, we won’t be having the same family gatherings that we are accustomed to.

Many places are banning large gatherings. Only family you live with. Keep it small. I have a feeling that small 10-pound turkeys will be in high demand. No need for a 20 pounder. Consider that a stock tip. You’re welcome.

Small groups will be just fine. It’ll be a lot easier on those who prepare the meals. No need to have 3 or 4 different pies for dessert. Six deviled eggs, 12 halves, will probably be plenty.  A dozen rolls may be overkill. Just a small can of cranberries. A couple of taters mashed up.

If you decide to go big, there’ll be lots of leftovers…which isn’t all bad I guess.

Our gathering will be small. Only four of us at last count. We could probably get by with a large chicken. Just kidding. We’ll have a turkey. I hope it’s big enough for leftovers. If there are lots, we’ll send some home with our two guests.

While it may seem strange, what with the difficult circumstances that “Rona” brings to the scene, we still have a lot to be thankful for. Hey! I saw that eye rolling look from the back of the room. I know you can come up with several somethings. Go ahead. Think of something. I’ll wait…  [Suggestions, related story.]

See, Thought so. Now finish your veggies..

Painting at Ft. Uncompahgre, on Thanksgiving past. (Fort is closed this year). Courtesy Mike Simpson

Being thankful isn’t just reserved for one day. That’s something we need to do every day. Several times a day. If you get in the habit, there will come little surprises you weren’t even expecting. Be thankful for them. Go ahead and try it. For 30 days. If it doesn’t work, I’ll give you your money back.

I don’t imagine there will be any travel records set this year. No doubt there will still be lines at the airport, but I bet it won’t be as bad as years in the past. In fact there might be discounts on tickets for those who feel they have to go

Yeah, it’s going to be different. What do you think about ZOOM gatherings for the holiday? I can see it now. Everybody on Aunt Silvia’s iPad. Tell grandma to speak up a little more. Charlie, you’ll have to get closer to her so you can tell her what everybody is saying. She can’t hear too good.

We can use this holiday to get the kinks out so maybe Christmas and New Years will go smoother.

However you can make it work I hope you have a good one.

In the meantime, pass the rolls please…and the butter, and the jam too.

I’ll see you out there somewhere.

Happy Thanksgiving.



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