October Performancs – Dance & Music

At the Wright Opera House, Ouray, Colorado

[October 17, 2021, Wright Opera House, 472 Main Street, Ouray, Colo.]

Performance: 1 hour 30 minutes with 15-minute intermission.

“At a Zikr Dance Ensemble performance, you will not know what you are seeing. You will be able to identify isolated elements such as accomplished dancers, abstract video projections, trompe l’oeil costuming and elaborate set pieces, but the whole that results from these parts is inexplicable. Whether or not you believe in magic, it is created before you, through a combination of creative energy, intention, and people power.

Zikr’s company members are an impressive group, outstanding both individually and together. It is such a pleasure to be able to note dancers’ unique strengths and attributes as well as see what happens in couple and group settings. This is a credit to the choreographer as well as the dancers, as the choreographer creates the opportunities that the dancers fulfill. The power of the evening’s experience lay in the work of these and other people. Onstage and off; before, during, and after; seen and unseen, a multitude of hands is behind the smallest effect.

In Oracle, onrushing storm clouds made of billows of fabric are drawn across the stage by running people. A gold-headed prophet rises into the air, lifted by the strong arms and hands of people. In Runes, standing stones (made by people) carved with runes reorder themselves into various combinations, stealthily moved by people. It seems clear that David Taylor has considered the potential for cultural education through dance. Taylor has done his research and works to act respectfully in this use, and it is important that the audience/consumer does this work as well.”

~ Jane E. Werle, Denver Post, April 12, 2021

Zikr Dance Ensemble

BUY TICKETS$25 Adult prepaid, $5 Student, $28 Adult at the door.

[October 23, 2021, Wright Opera House, 472 Main Street, Ouray, Colo.]

Performance: 1 hour 30 minutes with 15-minute intermission.

“Jarabe’s soulful mixture of Mexican and other Latin influences blended with nostalgic rock sounds has a beautifully wide relevance.” ~ASU Kerr Cultural Center.

View a live performance HERE.

Website, with sample recordings.

BUY TICKETS $25 Adult prepaid, $5 Student, $28 Adult at the door.

Cash Bar – provided by the Wright Opera House. Wheelchair accessible venue (Elevator). Face masks requested to protect performers and other audience members. OCPAG follows local and/or state COVID guidelines. Purchasing a ticket to attend a live 2021 OCPAG event inside the Wright Opera House acknowledges you will wear a face covering (if required) to this event while inside the Wright Opera House and follow all COVID guidelines within the theater to protect the performers and other event attendees. Thank you!