Our Changing World

Art records history. Cultural behavior creates it.

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[San Juan Silver Stage | July 2020 | Kathryn R. Burke]

Six months into Covid, what was now isn’t. We’re traveling along a one-way street to a new world. There’s no “going back to normal.” This IS (the new) normal now.

Government mandates, lockstep obedience, social distancing, self-isolating, fear that determines fashion. Confusing news: mass media and social media spreading mis- and dis-information, and truth as the reader/follower perceives it. Masks. A country divided: hate and political, religious, and ethnic divisiveness. An economy in disarray. Home schooling and working from home. A new vocabulary: Zooming, live-streaming, video-conferencing, virtual everything. Most of all, new habits learned from fear, followed without determining, understanding, or knowing supportive facts. Once learned, sensible or not, these new habits have become…the new normal. Six long months into Covid and there’s no “going back.” Instead, we are moving forward into an ever-changing world.