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June 2021

Angels Wings Memorial Garden

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[June 2021 | By Kelly Goodin, Executive Director, SecondChance]

Promoting the human-animal bond is one of the most important things we do at Second Chance Humane Society. We believe pets and people live better together and part of that is due to the power of unconditional love we share with our pets. Animals enrich our lives and make us forever grateful for each one of these furry family members, even long after they are gone.

Four years ago, to honor the everlasting bond we share with pets and the wonderful memories we cherish of them, Second Chance created Angels Wings Memorial Garden. It’s a beautiful and peaceful refuge nestled on our scenic, mountain-framed shelter property. It is the perfect ambiance for reverence, complete with a babbling brook and small island encircled by a placid pond.

Halfway around the pond you will encounter a lovely wooden Rainbow Bridge (aptly named after the Rainbow Bridge poem (rainbowsbridge.com/poem.htm, if you have ever in your life, even once, lost a cherished pet this poem will bring you to happy tears.).

The Rainbow Bridge accesses an island which is the central focus for the welcoming and serene garden environment. The gardens have been gently landscaped with native plants and there are benches, picnic tables and Adirondack chairs (all lovingly donated) intermittently placed.

We wanted this space to be a community space where everyone can commemorate their loved ones, pets and/or pet lovers that we cherish. You will see various plaques on the bridge, wind chimes, trees, and river rocks memorializing departed furry and non-furry family members and friends.

Plaques, engraved river rocks to memorialize your pet are available to purchase as well as “in honor” donations in the name of the pets as yet another way to keep their memory alive. A memorial gift not only is a lasting tribute to your beloved pet or loved one, it’s also a purposeful gift that enables Second Chance Humane Society to continue its mission: Connecting Pets, People & Community While Saving Lives.

Angels Wings Memorial Garden is located Second Chance Humane Society’s shelter property on 177 County Road 10 in Ridgway. Please call the shelter to come view them or visit: adoptmountainpets.org/pet-services/memorial-garden

Contact Second Chance Humane Society at 970-626-2273 or online (adoptmountainpets.org) to learn how you can receive services, adopt, volunteer, foster, or donate to our life-saving programs and services. Also please let us know of any additional needs you are facing in keeping your pets as part of your families, we are here to help.