VSA’s Milestone 50th Season and Celebration
Postponed Until Fall of 2021

Valley Symphony Association Orchestra and Chorus (Season 49 – 2019-2020). Marc Bergman Photography

[San Juan Silver Stage | June 2020 | Stacey Ryan] The Valley Symphony Association (VSA) is an all-volunteer regional performing arts organization founded in 1970. Today the group’s board announced that, because of the COVID-19 pandemic, they will postpone their 50th season until the fall of 2021.

Since the early days of the outbreak, the group remained steadfast in their optimism and explored every possible contingency scenario for realizing their 50th season on time.

“We remained hopeful that we could somehow prevail and be able to rehearse and perform safely in time for the traditional September Pops concerts,” VSA board president Hartland Clubb, Jr., said. The board made this difficult but necessary decision with the health and safety of the musicians, patrons, board, and the entire Western Slope community foremost in their thoughts.

“We are profoundly sad and at a loss to describe the disappointment we feel,” he said. “We, the board, and our steadfast and talented volunteer musicians want you to know that our greatest regret is not being able to share our music with each other and our regional community of friends and supporters.”

Now, the VSA is looking to pivot in a positive direction and make the most of the hiatus.

“We have a big-hearted musical family and encourage our musicians to share their time and talents outside of the organization during this gap year,” Clubb said. “We hope that they will make the most of this down time and choose to assist in their respective regional communities until we can once again gather to rehearse and perform.”

While the VSA has pulled back considerably on expenses, they still have financial need. “We ask you to please support our commitment to the VSA’s continuing wellbeing as we now look ahead to celebrating our landmark 50th season next year instead of this year,” Clubb said. Monetary donations during this time will receive recognition and benefits next year for the VSA’s 50th.

“We hope that our generous and loyal musicians, audience, and patrons will help us through this time, so that, when we return to the stage, the VSA will not have lost traction but, rather, gained it,” Clubb said. “This is just an intermission: the show WILL go on!”

For developing information about Season 50, and to volunteer, donate, or sign up to receive updates via the group’s “SymphonE News” informational emails, visit ValleySymphony.net or Facebook @ValleySymphonyAssociation. Any questions and concerns may be directed to 970-275-8676 or info@valleysymphony.net.