Take Your Dog to Work

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[San Juan Silver Stage | June 2020 | By Kelley Goodin]

A positive sign of the changing times is the trend pets joining us in the workplace due to the many benefits this opportunity offers. Those who transitioned to working from home due to COVID-19 have been able to directly experience the benefits for both you and your pet. Benefits include reductions in stress, anxiety, depression and loneliness. Pets also improve your cardiovascular health by encouraging exercise and playfulness. But the best medicine of all is that our pets make us smile and laugh, which is needed more than ever these days. Look at these faces: Loki and Baxter have to make you smile.

Loki loves to ride to work. (Courtesy photo)

Brandon Donahue, general manager of Weed’s Landscaping in Telluride feels thankful to bring his lovable Burmese mountain dog, Loki with him to work as he’s done for the past three years. He shares, “On stressful days he’s always there to help bring me back down, and if I leave him in my truck, my clients first question is always, ‘where is Loki?’”

Brandon continued, “He’s definitely become a fixture for both me, and the business. More often than not, he’s recognized before I am. I think having a dog with me for day-to-day business not only helps me, but the other employees as well. On job sites, he is referred to as ‘The Supervisor’. Who doesn’t need to take a break every once in a while and pet a dog?”

Baxter likes to hang out with Julia at the office. (Courtesy Photo)

Bringing a dog to the office before COVID-19 definitely had its advantages for Julia Seglund, a Montrose realtor. “Baxter helped to remind me that he needed to go out for his walk, which was a good thing for me to step away from the computer and the phone to get some exercise with him. Clients loved to visit with him at the office too” stated Julia. Since COVID-19 Julia now works out of her home office and shared, “Baxter totally loves having me at home and we go everywhere together now”.

Obviously some work places are more appropriate than others for bringing four-legged friends along.You may want to start by requesting a special day in your office to bring dogs to work, perhaps this will transition into a weekly event if it goes well. If you think your work place offers the appropriate environment you can better convince your employer by preparing your dog with current vaccinations and some basic obedience training. Both of these services are available at Second Chance Humane Society through its Living Better Together program.

This program offers a low-cost low-income veterinary wellness clinic as well as low-cost behavioral classes. You can register your pet for a free wellness exam and a combination of other services that include, $8 vaccines. $35 spay/neuter. $15 Micro-chipping, and more. Clinic dates and times vary. Visit the Second Chance website, adoptmountainpets.org or call 970-626-2273 for eligibility and registration.

FenCat the Office Cat…helping.

Ed: It’s not just dogs, but cats, too, are loving having their pet owners work from home. My FenCat loves to play “follow the mouse” and “dump the drink” (which has to be kept clear of the keyboard). She’s getting older and suffers from arthritis just like people do. Comfort cuddles keep her more comfortable during the work day, and she looks forward to when the work clock stops and she can settle in for a little more one-one attention.