Silverton is Open!

Come up and play!


Refreshingly Cool

Comfortably Uncrowded

Head up to the high country.

Plenty of social distancing up here!

Can't leave home?

Take it with you!

©Kathryn R. Burke

Shop Greene Street

©Kathryn R. Burke

©Carolyn Wilcox

Lots of Fun Finds

at Fetch's Mercantile

Visit historic Silverton.

Ride the stagecoach.

©Kathryn R. Burke

San Juan County Heritiage Pass Visit Mining Museum Mayflower Mill Old Hundred Mine Tour

©Kathryn R. Burke

Ore bucket carried men to work and ore out to smelters.

©Kathryn R. Burke

Handlebars Saloon

Wagonwheel patio

Dining with a view!

Visit Professor Shutterbug

on Blair Street

Quiet Bear

Blair Street

Carol Wilkins & Ken Webb

Jewelry design

Metal Art