Yay! Here in Western Colorado, we’re ALLOWED OUT!
But please! Stay safe and follow protocol.


Elder Abuse Awareness

June 15th is Elder Abuse Awareness Day. One day—in an every-day problem that needs attention and correction as we neglect, ignore, isolate, and abuse senior citizens—a group often forgotten as “inconvenient” or no longer wanted.  “Senior Citizen” is a dirty word to some. “Elderly” means “old,” another way of saying “no longer needed or wanted.” It’s a on-going, never-ending world pandemic, claiming way more lives than Covid. June 15th asks us to be aware and try to find solutions.  [Read More]

Advancing independence, integration, and inclusion throughout life

[ACL, [https://acl.gov/ June 2020] The Administration for Community Living (ACL) was created around the fundamental principle that older adults and people of all ages with disabilities should be able to live where they choose, with the people they choose, and with the ability to participate fully in their communities. [Read Story]

Age brings inevitable discomforts (arthritis, unsteadiness, sometimes fuzzy memory), but that doesn’t dictate that the “golden” years must be spent sitting in a recliner and mindlessly watching TV. The secret to successful longevity is to move! Get up! Get going! Get out and do things. And that’s the impetus behind The 80’s & 90s Club, founded by Montrose favorite senior citizen, Wini Tappan, which, with the Senior Center closed due to Covid, now meets weekly at Lions Park. [Read story]