2021 May Celebrations
Food, Fun, and Frog Jumping?

 [San Juan Silver Stage | May 2021 | Kathryn R. Burke]

From May Day to Memorial Day, May commemorates 137 widely diverse holidays. Some, like Cinco De Mayo, Mother’s Day (9th), and Armed Forces Day, are commonly known. But others definitely fall under the “oddball” category.

No Pants Day on the 7th could be a chilly experience. National Frog Jumping Day on the 13th comes from Mark Twain’s first published story. Dance Like a Chicken Day on the 14th is based on the popular song of the 1950s. Put a Pillow on Your Fridge Day on the 29th is based on an old custom that supposedly brings you prosperity and good fortune—if you like sleeping on a cold pillow.

Food and drink have a lot of celebratory days in May, too. If dessert is your thing, toss the diet plan and get ready for Chocolate Parfaits on the 1st, Coconut Cream Pie Day on the 8th, Apple Pie Day on the 13th, and Devil’s Food Cake Day on the 19th.

Want to party? Beer Pong is the 1st. National Have a Coke is on the 8th.  Save some of the  Shrimp Cocktail from the 10th to pair with World Whiskey Day on the 15th or a mimosa on the 16th for National Mimosa Day. Celebrate May with a Pizza Party on the 21st followed by my personal favorite, National Wine Day! Finally, close out the month with Mint Juleps on the 30th.

May has two big sports days, one at each end of the month: Kentucky Derby on the 1st and the Indy 500 on the 30th. Here in Western Colorado, we also celebrate First Train Day, when the D&SNG Railroad steams into Silverton and kicks off our summer tourist season. This year, that happens on May 22nd.

These are only a few of the standard and not-so-standard May celebrations. To find more, and read why they are and how they came about, Visit National Today May Holidays. You may find a few more you especially like, like Lost Sock Day. (Maybe your dearly departed socks are still lurking in your dryer?)

And, in case you forgot, May 15th is this year’s Tax Day, delayed because of the pandemic. Probably not something you want to celebrate but not something you want to miss, either. Of course, if you won the lottery or Be A Millionaire Day, maybe you don’t care?