A Time to Reflect

[April 2021 | By Eva Veitch, Region 10 Community Living Services Program Director]

Spring is my favorite time of year, a time of rebirth and renewal. I always find myself feeling energized this time of year, excited for new life, flowers, green grass and leaves again.

One of my dear friends is facing some major health challenges. Everyday seems to bring new obstacles; a significant decrease in strength and stamina combined with cognitive issues are changing him before my eyes. It is so difficult to accept that this brilliant man who has given so much of himself to helping his community is suffering and will soon be gone. He has a great attitude and I continue to learn from him. It is a good reminder of the many people who have blessed my life with their wisdom, they are gone but not forgotten.

May is Older Americans Month; we intended to publish a book of stories again this year, but we have decided to focus our energy on meeting the needs of our seniors. We will accept stories and find a way to get those out and acknowledge the great accomplishments that the older adults of our region have made. My work in aging services has introduced me to hundreds of amazing people who have shared their life stories. I often picture a quilt of life in my mind made up of the patchwork of Flora raising her 11 children and George buying the inventory for his first market in Nebraska and Nora delivering babies in her hometown beginning at age 15!

The past 100 years has brought about tremendous change, computers that used to fill entire rooms now fit in the palm of your hand and are multi-function tools. I laugh at Facebook posts that show photos of things like the speakers at the drive-in movies and headlight dimmers switches that used to be on the floorboards, most young people have no idea what these things are. The reality is that 100 years from now someone may be saying the same things about us and our current lifestyle.

I challenge you to think about the important people in your life, who would be part of the quilt of life in your mind? What is it about those people that you most admire? What was the impact their presence had on your life? What is the impact you hope to have on the lives you touch?

We get so busy that we often forget to take the time to reflect, to acknowledge those who came before, those who helped pave the road for us. My quilt gets more beautiful with every new person I meet, I hope yours does to!

Aging and Disability Resources of Colorado (ADRC

Area Agencies on Aging are national organizations funded through federal and state dollars and authorized under the Older Americans Act. Regioin 10 ADRC is an area partnership of over 40 organizations designed to provide easy access to supports and services for disabled adults and seniors 60 years and older and their caregivers in the six counties of Montrose, Delta, Gunnison, Hinsdale, Ouray, and San Miguel. All services are provided on a donation basis.