April Special Days

Graphic compilation, Kathryn R. Burke

[Montrose CO | April 2021 | by Kathryn R. Burke]

When you say, “April,” what most likely comes to mind? Easter, spring planting and garden prep, and—in Western Colorado—a lot of wind with warming weather. But there’s a lot more to April, which has a plethora of interesting holidays and celebrations.

Bet you didn’t know that April 1st (April Fool’s Day), is also National Burrito Day. The 2nd (Good Friday this year) is also National Peanut Butter & Jelly Day, followed on the 3rd (Easter Sunday this year) by  National Find a Rainbow Day, and National Pillow Fight Day. Where do they get this stuff?

Food and drink tops the April calendar, though. Which is not surprising as the weather warms up and people gather and get outside more. National Beer Day is the 7th. (Or you can wait until May 1st, and celebrate at the Delta Beer Fest.) If you like pretzel snacks with your beer, there’s a day for that too: National Pretzel Day(Aprl 26th). And if you want your beer and pretzels outside, celebrate April 23rd for National Picnic Day. Or wrap it all up and celebrate all month long, starting April 3rd for World Party Day.

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Families aren’t forgotten this month. Love Your Children Day is the 3rd, National Ex-spouse Day is the 14th, Husband Appreciation Day is the 17th. Housewives don’t get a day, but they do get National No Housework Day.

Animals have a place on April’s full festival calendar. Celebrate National Pet Day on the 11th, and my personal favorite, National Penguin Day, on the 25th.

For the health-conscious, celebrate World Health Day and National Walking Day on the 7th. (Both good, if you overindulged on the beer also celebrated that day.)

So, in addition to al the wonderful things to do and see listed in our Arts & Entertainment section—all of which can be celebrated during World Creation and Innovative Day (April 21) and Week, April 15-21 (or into May, depending on your source calendar), now you have a bunch of other things to stick in between our local festivities.

April means rebirth and rejuvenation; Get out and go have some creative fun!