Fur Babies:
Bath Time!

[March 2020 | By Debra Lueck]

Bath time can be a traumatic experience for your dog and for you, but it doesn’t need to be. If you’re a new dog owner, one of the first questions you may wonder about is how often to bathe your new family member. Is your dog outdoors a lot of the time? Does he find questionable places to roll and nap? Or maybe your little darling is only outside long enough to potty and take a quick walk. Knowing your lifestyle, understanding your dog’s breed and coat type, will help you best determine the frequency of bathing, but most dogs will need a good bath at least every three months.

The best way to avoid the “bath-time tango” is establishing a bath time routine that you’re both comfortable with. Gather your bathing supplies beforehand, including gentle hypo-allergenic, all-natural dog shampoo, a towel, treats or a lick pad to keep them distracted, a rinsing cup, and don’t forget a rubber mat to keep them from slipping.

When bathing your pooch, start at their feet and work up and forward. Avoid getting water in their ears or soap in their eyes. Go the reverse when rinsing. As for water temperature, use the Goldilocks rule: not too hot, not too cold, but just right. Warm to lukewarm water prevents scalding and, just like a baby, never leave them unattended.

If your dog is too big or rambunctious for the kitchen sink or your knees can’t handle the hard surface of the bathroom floor, consider the dog baths at Chow Down in Montrose. They have raised bathing platforms, steps for older dogs, leash holders, hot-water spray hoses, a blow dryer, towels, and shampoo. 

“Don’t use a blow dryer or blast them with water the first time. Let your dog get accustomed to the whole experience,” advised Chow Down saleswoman, Katie Miller.

Bath time shouldn’t be a nightmare for you or for them. If Fido or Fifi is overly anxious, consider speaking to your vet about CBD drops to calm them so you and your pet can do the bath-time tango in sync.