Be Well:
Renewal, Rebirth, Rejuvination

[March 2020 | By Amiessa Jutten, MSW, LCSW]

In like a lion and out like a lamb, or so they say…March can be a bit unpredictable, bringing snowy days and radiant sunshine, warm afternoons and brisk breezes, snow pants and hiking boots. The darkness of winter is approaching its end, and spring is planning its entrance.

It’s no secret that winter months, with their shortened daylight hours and chilling temperatures, can bring about fatigue, sadness, and even social withdrawal for many of us. Similar to the plants that have fallen dormant in the winter, we will begin to reawaken in the spring. Just as we prepare our gardens for the growing season, anticipating the rebirth to come, we can also prepare ourselves for our own personal time of renewal.

This changing of seasons is astronomically marked by the spring equinox, one of two days each year when the light of day and the dark of night are nearly equal in length. After this March equinox, daylight hours grow longer as time moves toward the summer solstice. This reminds us of our intrinsic need for change, balance, and growth.

March’s temperament helps us remember that change is not always easy and predictable. How will we prepare ourselves for this internal shifting of seasons? Let’s tune in to the present moment and take time to intuitively notice the thoughts and cognitions of our mind, the physical reactions of our body, the emotions of our heart, and the essence of our spirit. What seems natural and whole? What are we missing? What do we need? What will bring about balance and peace?

As we notice the current happenings within ourselves, we can determine our best path forward in preparing for this transformation. Keep in mind that while we share our common humanness, we each experience life differently. Within our dormant internal winter, the mind may be experiencing challenges with forgetfulness, concentration, decision-making, worries, or slowed thinking. The physical body may have increased aches and pains, fatigue, sleep challenges, or appetite change. Our hearts may be touched by anxiety, irritability, sadness, or longing. Our spirits may be questioning purpose, searching for meaning, feeling lost, or yearning for authenticity.

In addition to the challenges that may lie within, also notice the strengths reaching outward to guide this quest: Compassion. Curiosity. Hope. Clarity. Faith. Calmness. Creativity. Energy. Are some areas within us stronger while others seem out of balance.

With this insight into our inner world, take a moment to consider the path ahead. How do we wish to grow? Are there enjoyable activities in life that have fallen by the wayside? Are there goals that we have set aside? Are there people with which we wish to reconnect? Do we dream of trying something new?

The path of rejuvenation has many facets and many potential directions. We have the ability to actively guide our internal transformation from dormant winter into springtime reawakening. While pondering life, take an opportunity to dive into the dirt, clean out the flower beds, and prepare for the beauty of spring!