Second Chances:
Pet Training Program

Trainer: Krissi Goetz, Founder of Animal Adoption Center’s Training and Behavior Program.

[San Juan Silver Stage |February 2021 | By Kelly Goodin, Executive Director]

The mission of Second Chance Humane Society is Connecting Pets, People & Community While Saving Lives. One of the ways we do this is by offering an effective and affordable pet behavioral support program. For 2021 we were able to import a new trainer to our service region by hiring Krissi Goetz as our Behavioral Manager at Second Chance.

It’s not uncommon for pets to find themselves homeless, or worse, due to behavioral issues. Many of these behaviors could be addressed and changed if pet parents had the resources. Behavioral training is not only lifesaving but can also increase the quality of life of both human and canine. Well-mannered dogs tend to be welcome in more places, a well-trained dog can come along with you more often and participate more fully in human society.

In her new role with Second Chance Krissi will be working with both the dogs and cats in the shelter and foster care, as well as helping people and dogs in the community in different ways. Krissi employs only force-free, reward-based methods based in science to help people learn how to better communicate with, understand, and teach their pets.

Training Pups. Courtesy Photo.

Krissi brings a rich background in connecting pets and people. In 2004, after volunteering with local shelters for several years, Krissi helped to establish the Animal Adoption Center in Jackson, Wyoming, a unique all breed rescue organization. It was while working here that Krissi first recognized the importance of a dog’s behavior as it relates to adoptability, and set out to learn about the science of behavior and humane training.

Subsequently, Krissi enlisted the help of Jackson Hole Positive Training and founded the Animal Adoption Center’s Training and Behavior Program in 2006. Krissi also works as an educator promoting humane treatment of pets and the human-animal bond. Once Second Chance is able to resume its work in the classrooms with children our humane education program will begin again.

Second Chance is now offering free or low cost behavior services such as group classes, both Puppy Skills for little ones and Basic Manners  for dogs 5 months and older. We will soon be launching a free weekly Puppy Social Hour, too. Last but not least, one on one lessons for dogs with behavioral challenges are now available too. Have a cat behavioral issue? Give us a call as we can help with that too!

Contact Second Chance Humane Society at 970-626-2273 or online ( to learn how you can receive services, adopt, volunteer, foster, or donate to our life-saving programs and services. Also please let us know of any additional needs you are facing in keeping your pets as part of your families, we are here to help.