Publisher’s Corner

Kathryn R Burke, PublisherThis is February, the month of hearts and flowers, candy and cards. Growing up, my family used to call it the “Hallmark Holiday,” and in many ways, that’s still true today. Which is why we dedicated several pages to its history and how to celebrate today. (Do we need an excuse for a romantic getaway? If so, we just gave you one.)

Two of our writers decided to share their love of the beautiful Unaweep Canyon, a glorious hidden gem many locals have never really seen. Mike Simpson loves to paint it and, like our writer, Ninah Hunter, has enjoyed visiting the old town of Gateway and exploring the new resort and museum there.

February also continues our year-long series about Fort Uncompahgre, the Montrose Botanic Gardens, and notable historic buildings in our region. We also began writing about the Western Colorado Wonder Women we know who have been in business here for 25 years or more. They are an amazing group and should be applauded for their perseverance through economic ups and downs. Glee Westcott is profiled in this issue; be surprised by who you read about in future issues.

We thank Marilyn Cox for rejoining our team—nobody does history better. Enjoy her fascinating story about the old Missouri  building on the corner of Main and Cascade, downtown Montrose.

More big news for our online presence. We’ve added a page-turner, e-edition, which will let us archive past issues and give you digital fans a quick and easy read. Our website is getting a new look, with video added to stories and display advertising, along with a variety of visually appealing ways to share our content.

Finally, we welcome our two new neighbors at the Montrose Center for the Arts: Mike Simpson Fine Art and the Valley Symphony Orchestra Association. Stop in and say hello or leave a note in the box on our door. We welcome your comments and suggestions.

Come ride with us,
– Kathryn R. Burke, Publisher