Power Notes:
Have no Fear. Fiber is Here!

By Karen Prather

[February 2020 | San Juan Silver Stage | By Karen Prather]

For Western Colorado residents still stuck buffering a sluggish internet connection, Delta-Montrose Electric Association just announced an expansion of fiber service to another 4,000 homes in 2020. By the end of the year, this 21st-century necessity will be extended to nearly the entire city limits of Montrose and three new rural zones.

Some residents have anxiously awaited access to DMEA’s high-speed internet service since its introduction to the area in 2016. Bidding for contracting the service expansion will end in January, and DMEA plans to begin construction in March 2020. “If you haven’t been in an area that has seen service come to it,” said Becky Mashburn, Communications and Marketing Manager at DMEA, “it’s hard to remember that progress has been made, because you’re probably still stuck with slow internet.”

And now that’s changing. There are few things more frustrating than waiting on a browser page to load, but the people at DMEA are working tirelessly to reduce this affliction on the Western Slope once and for all. “We’re here to serve,” said Mashburn, “so we try to do it all right the first time.” And sometimes, doing things right just takes a little longer.

Residents who haven’t yet experienced DMEA’s fiber service, can expect a reliable, consistent connection when it finally arrives in their area. This is due to careful planning by the DMEA team, ensuring quality internet by considering several factors of service expansion that are ignored by many national providers. “For us, it really is about improving the quality of life for our community,” said Mashburn. “We don’t want to play games or have hidden fees. We don’t want that for you or for us.” DMEA reviews multiple contracting bids, selects the best method and team for expansion, and listens to the input of members. By doing so, the company sees to it that each member’s preferences are represented in their decision process and that their service fees are spent most efficiently.

Delta Montrose Electric Assoc.

DMEA’s goal is to provide internet to improve the quality of life in the communities it serves. As their team expands fiber internet service across the Western Slope, the company encourages anyone interested in speeding up their connection to call and see if they live in the newly expanded region. Mashburn added, “When they’re ready to make the switch, we’re ready to serve them,” and they’re just a phone call away at 877-687-3632.